The Inspection Report is available in PDF format. This detailed report includes all findings of the major components of the home including pertinent photos taken onsite.

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  • Recommendations as well as maintenance tips on the home.
  • All blue highlighted hyperlinks in the report include additional information for further reference.
  • An additional reference library is listed at the end of the report for more detailed information on the different systems of the home.

The Inspection Report is sent to you the same day as the inspection. Clients can request to have a Home History Report included with the inspection report for an additional charge.

Home History Reports

Homeowners and buyers can request to have a home history report included with the inspection report. The history report provides you with additional information regarding the property including insurance claims, sales history, potential permits and any potential grow op or other lab history that may have occurred on the property. The information gathered on the property is collected form municipal, provincial and federal data.