The success of any business is dependent on customer satisfaction. We take pride in the work we do and we strive to exceed the expectations of each of our clients. DSM Property Services is fortunate to receive written feedback from several of our customers. We have shared some of the feedback here. For more testimonials, please visit us at homestars.ca.
This was our second time hiring Vito to conduct an inspection for us. He took the time to explain his findings and make recommendations as we went through the home. The inspection report was very detailed and easy to read. Vito was very detail oriented in his approach, meticulously inspecting all aspects of our home (from major functions down to the last detail). His method was so systematic that even our builder was very impressed with the report - commending the full scope of Vito's report. We have recommended DSM Property Services to many of our friends and will continue to do so as this company is credible, effective, and awesome pricing. We will be using DSM Property Services for years to come. We were very happy with the service and would recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector..


Vito was recommended to us to aid in the Pre-Delivery Inspection of our new home, and he delivered! He was thorough, as he did the exterior and interior inspections, with a complete and easy to read report with images to help understand the issues. The professionalism displayed with the builder's representatives present was outstanding, as he really understood our needs and the rules the builder had placed on his tasks. He worked with the builder's representative to ensure that all areas were inspected. Throughout the inspection Vito offered tips and answered questions in terms we could understand, which went along way to ensuring we were satisfied with the work being completed. Aside from a number of items he identified as issues for us to raise with the builder, the extra equipment he leveraged allowed for some significant issues to be identified, which could not be identified with just a visual inspection. We will definitely ask for DSM Property Services Inc. to return prior to our 12 month Tarion report, and highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to ensure a thorough inspection to protect their investment!

Rosalia from Pickering

We hired Vito to do our home inspection before the purchase of our new home. This is our second home we've purchased, and the difference between Vito and the home inspector I hired for my first home is like night and day. I followed Vito around the home and he was very detailed in his inspection. He also took his time to answer all my questions and concerns and educated me on the house. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch inspector.

Lionel from Mississauga

I needed a home inspector to perform a one year warranty inspection on my home. I found DSM Property Services on the Homestars site and I hired Vito based not on the amount of reviews, but rather on the content of the reviews I read. Throughout the inspection, Vito provided me with a lot of tips and extra information. He found several things throughout the home that were not addressed by the first home inspector who performed my 30 day inspection. I was extremely happy with the service and I already recommended him to my neighbors and friends!

Vijay from Mississauga

I think DSM is a great home inspection company. Here's why: They were able to accommodate a tight deadline for booking. Vito, the guy from DSM who conducted the inspection encouraged me to shadow him during the inspection. I learned a lot about the house as a result. I found Vito to be very informative; much more than I expected. I'm really glad I opted for the thermal / Infrared scan. What a fantastic tool to see things that your eyes can't see! A leak was detected on the second floor of the home. This was brought to the homeowners' attention and the problem was fixed. I was very pleased with the detailed Inspection report and quick delivery. Vito has taken the time to answer any questions after taking possession of the home. My "go-to guy" for information and assistance. So, after all of that, I highly recommend Vito @ DSM.

Keith from Mississauga